Playgroups are fun, supportive environments for children aged 0 to five to play and develop social skills. Learn about the playgroups in Darebin.

Community playgroups and supported playgroups update (7 June 2021)

Community playgroups

We are pleased to report that many new community playgroups have resumed sessions at venues across Darebin. There are some new playgroups starting up who are looking for new families to join. If you are looking to join a playgroup in Darebin, please check our online community playgroup database at Community Playgroups in Darebin Database or contact Playgroup Victoria.

Supported playgroups

Supported playgroups are having lots of fun in face-to-face weekly sessions across Darebin. Many new families have joined the program this year. We currently have vacancies in our supported playgroups and are accepting new referrals. Eligibility criteria applies. Please contact our team at early.years@darebin.vic.gov.au if you are interested in participating in this program.

New: We are delighted to announce that we have received funding to deliver an extra four supported playgroups in Darebin which are for families with younger babies aged 0-2 years.

The new baby playgroups are:

  • Tuesdays 9.30am to 11.30am Reservoir
  • Wednesdays 9.30am to 11.30am Preston
  • Thursdays 9.30am to 11.30am Reservoir
  • Fridays 9.30am to 11.30am Bundoora

Families need to book in to this service via email at early.years@darebin.vic.gov.au or telephone 8470 8113.

Playgroups in Darebin

Each playgroup is unique offering a wide range of choice to families in the community. Most of the groups are community playgroups which are self-managed by the parents and/or caregivers who attend the playgroup.

Find a playgroup in Darebin

Playgroups provide opportunities for families with young children (aged 0-5) to meet new people, and build on their children's social, physical and cognitive development by learning through play. For a list of local playgroups visit the Community Playgroups in Darebin Database.

Playgroups provide:

  • an opportunity for parents, grandparents, caregivers and children aged 0 to school age to come together in a safe, relaxed environment, anywhere where groups of people can meet
  • a low cost, effective way to introduce children to play, have fun, make friends and develop new skills through play
  • parents the opportunity to meet other parents, play with their children and become involved in their community.

Playgroups lay the foundation for children to:

  • have a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • become confident and involved learners
  • be effective communicators.

Why go to a Playgroup?

Participation in playgroup can benefit children, adults and the community. Children under five years go through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. Children thrive when exposed to positive early childhood experiences that foster their intellectual, social and emotional development in the early years.

More information

Playgroup Officer
Ph: (03) 8470 8347
Email early.years@darebin.vic.gov.au

Supported playgroups

Supported playgroups run during the week at various venues across Darebin during school terms. They are facilitated by qualified staff and are for parents of children aged 0-4 years. By taking part in Supported Playgroup (funded by the Department of Education and Training) you and your child will benefit by:

  • Learning new ideas for your child's learning and development
  • Giving your child a chance to play with other children
  • Meeting other parents and carers

Supported Playgroups Flyer

More information

Early Years Leader
Ph: (03) 8470 8113
Email early.years@darebin.vic.gov.au