Community health and wellbeing

We work to make Darebin a safer place for everyone, find out how we do this with through health, community development and environmental support.


community safety
We work with organisations to make Darebin a safer place for everyone. This includes addressing family violence, gender equality and public safety.
We offer support services for a range of issues, including drugs and alcohol, homelessness and mental health. Find out where to get help.
Our Health and Wellbeing Plan mission is: healthy, strong and resilient people and connected communities, striving for health equity for all.
More than ever where we live and our local connections are vital for our health and well-being. Find out what initiatives we have in place.
electronic gambling
We play an active role in reducing the harm associated with Electronic Gaming Machines (pokies) gambling. Find out the support that's available.
Simple tips for keeping everyone cool and safe during a heatwave.
Children playing
During 2020, we spoke to 30 primary school children to understand their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.