Our commitment to equality

We strive to reducing disadvantage, by standing against discrimination, sharing resources and partnering with community and organisations.


Read up on our guiding framework to address barriers to equity and inclusion in the community and support human rights.
We are committed to protect, fulfil and promote the human rights of all citizens in the City of Darebin. Do you know your human rights?
We have a long-standing commitment to supporting and advocating for the rights of newly arrived refugee and asylum seeker communities.
With the diversity of religions and faiths in Darebin, learn how we promote peace and harmony among our community.
The people of Darebin are made up of a rich diversity of faiths. Find out how we engage with community leaders and faith representatives.
We are working towards equality for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) residents.
We are committed to supporting gender equity, and want to create a community that is safer, healthier, more inclusive and diverse for everyone.
We support gender equity in the early years by providing leadership and aim to influence community attitudes, infrastructure, programs and services.