People with disability


We support sport and recreation activities that are inclusive for all.

Recreation and Leisure

We support sport and recreation activities that are inclusive for all, if you have a disability and need help finding local activities you can get in touch with us for advice.

Access for All Abilities

RecLink Australia is funded by the Access for All Abilities program to act as the first point of call for people with disabilities looking for sporting opportunities, through the provision of Access for All Abilities Play.

AAA Play is a free information and referral service. Visit the AAA Play website or call today to discover the range of sports and active recreation activities close to your home for people of all abilities.

AAA Play
Ph: 1800 222 842

Promoting Inclusion in Sport

The Access for All Guide provides advice, ideas, contacts and practical ways that your club or community group can become more inclusive of people with a disability.

Bandmates Victoria

Bandmates is a program that matches volunteers with people over 18 with disability or mental health issues, to go out to live music.

- Are you a young person over 18 with a disability or mental health issue that wants to see live music?
- Want to meet a person who has the same musical interest as you?
- Bandmates will meet and talk with you and match you with a volunteer of your choice
To get involved: contact the Bandmates Victoria Officer at Maribyrnong Council on 0437 161 061, email or the Bandmates Victoria website.

The StreetAbility project

StreetAbility is an initiative that aims to improve social inclusion for autistic people within Preston Central. The initiative encourages local services and businesses – with the support of Darebin City Council and Amaze – to adapt their environment to make it autism friendly. Each location is assessed and provided with recommendations on how to make their location accessible. When the recommendations are adopted the business or service can display the autism friendly symbol.

Currently 10 businesses and services in Preston Central, have undertaken the assessment and made minor adaptions to become autism friendly.

The project intends to expand to include more businesses and services making Preston Central and Darebin City Council one of the first autism friendly communities in metropolitan Melbourne.

Our partners

The StreetAbility project was developed and supported by members of a project team undertaking the Future Focus Groups, Committee for Melbourne's business and civic leadership program.

The major partners supporting the program are Darebin City Council and Amaze. Darebin City Council supports the StreetAbility project to make Preston Central a safe, welcoming space for people with autism. Amaze is the peak body for people on the autism spectrum and their supporters in Victoria. They provide independent, credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.

More information

Access and Inclusion team
Phone: (03) 8470 8327