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Darebin FReeZA

Join the Darebin FReeZA committee and get involved in planning and running our major live music and cultural events.

Want to plan and run live music and other cultural events? Join the Darebin FReeZA committee (dB Productions) and get involved.

As a committee member, you'll take the lead on all things event management and delivery. This includes organising budgets, promotions and artists, and getting hands-on with sound lights, front of house and media.

What a great way to build up your event management experience!

If you're interested, please complete our Freeza Application Form.


Wednesday (during the school term) 46pm


Decibels Youth Music Centre, above the Reservoir Library.

Reservoir Community and Learning Centre, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir.

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Darebin Youth Services
Phone: (03) 8470 8003