Waste and environment

Find out about waste and environment in Darebin, including bin collections, sustainability, and what to do with rubbish, food waste and recyclables.


pile of rubbish bags
Get where you need to go quickly with our links to reporting missed collections, damaged, lost or new bins.
Rubbish and recycling bins on kerb
Every day rubbish bin collections, what can and can't go in the bin as well as rubbish bin requests for damaged or new bins.
Bin collection
Learn how to recycle right, recycling bins and collections for both home and business.
Hard waste in street
Everything you need on hard waste collections, tips and tricks on how to remove unwanted items other hard waste and recycling options across Darebin.
Green waste
How to start disposing of your food and green waste, and tips on avoiding it altogether.
Electronic waste
Learn about what materials the resource recovery centre accepts for safe disposal and recycling, and opening times.
Educator talking to a group of people in a food-growing garden
Learn how you can connect to nature, grow your own food, reduce your waste and take climate action on the climate emergency.
Dumped rubbish
Information on how to report dumped rubbish, abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys, or hazardous materials.
Street bins with waste
Our street cleaning program, as well as information about maintaining your property and graffiti removal.
Pink eucalyptus tree
Everything you need to know about trees, tree projects, fallen branches and nature strips.