Bins and waste collection

Check bin types and collection dates, or learn how different types of waste can be handled or recycled.

older gentleman with his rubbish bins 

Bin requests

Food and green waste bin being emptied by a truck
Waste is collected every week. Recycling bins and the food and green waste bins are collected on alternate weeks.
A person putting a full rubbish bag into a wheelie bin
Has your bin been lost or stolen? Perhaps you've moved into a property that doesn't have a bin. We can help.
A close up view of a recycling bin and contents
If we missed your bin during a recent collection, please let us know within 48 hours so we can arrange another collection.

Waste types and bin usage

A red-lidded wheelie bin for general rubbish
Waste bins are for general rubbish which you can't reuse or recycle.
Someone putting a plastic bottle into a yellow-lidded recycling bin
See what can be put into your recycle bin – and other options if it can't.
An open and full green waste bin in street

What goes into your food and green waste bin, how to use your kitchen caddy, and reducing food waste at home.