When is my bin collection day?

Waste is collected every week. Recycling bins and the food and green waste bins are collected on alternate weeks.

There are two collection zones in Darebin - east and west.

To find out which zone you live in, find your address on the community map website.

Collection calendars

Now you know which zone you live in, see our 2023 calendars for your bin collection dates:

To get a printed calendar, visit a Customer Service Centre or call 03 8470 8888 and ask us to post it to you.

We don't collect bins on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, or Anzac Day public holidays. In these cases, we'll collect your bin the next day, and one day later for the rest of the week. Bin collections happen on other public holidays as normal.

When will we not collect your bin?

We won't collect your bin if:

  • it's too close to obstacles such as trees, poles, other bins or parked cars
  • it weighs more than 30 kilograms
  • you put it out too late
  • it's overfilled
  • it has anything on top or leaning against it.