Clean streets

Our street cleaning program, as well as information about maintaining your property and graffiti removal.


Close-up of brushes on a street cleaning machine
Our sweepers visit your street at least every six weeks to keep the gutters clean. If you see a chemical spill on your street please report it to us.
A grey public recycling bin
Council maintains the bins bins you see in shopping precincts, parks and along some streets. If you spot issues or have a suggested site, let us know.
A woman pruning tree branches
Tenants and owners are responsible for keeping their property clean and preventing it from impacting others' land. Issues can be reported to Council.
Varied graffiti tags on a brick wall
We have initiatives to reduce the impact of graffiti on our community and a street art program to brighten our streets and prevent illegal graffiti.
rubbish on side of road
Have you spotted any dumped rubbish on the road, in a park, or on Council land? If so, please report the issue to us so we can investigate it further.