Graffiti removal

We offer a number of options to remove graffiti for residents and businesses and provide a street art program to brighten our streets.

We offer 2 options to assist in the removal of graffiti within Darebin:

Option 1

A graffiti removal kit which can be collected from any Customer Service Centre. The Calcorp Cleaning Services Kit supplies 500ml of graffiti remover, protective gear for the user, and the cleaning equipment needed to remove the graffiti. The Kit is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. The graffiti remover in this kit is designed for removing graffiti from most surfaces including brick, concrete, timber, glass, marble and granite. Residents will need to present a valid form of ID to collect a Graffiti Kit.

There are two types of graffiti kits available:

  • Blue kit removes texta, felt pen and marker on delicate, painted and sensitive surfaces
  • Red kit removes spray can texta, ink and paint from bare masonry, concrete, stone, bare brick  unpainted timber surfaces

Option 2

A council approved contractor to remove graffiti

To report graffiti to the us for contractor removal, you can use Snap Send Solve, the Victorian Graffiti Register (VICGR), or call us on 03 8470 8888.

Street Art Subsidy Program

Our Street Art Subsidy Program is an innovative project that aims to brighten the street scape and prevent the re-occurrence of illegal graffiti and tagging through the provision of quality street art on locations previously subjected to graffiti.

Street Art Subsidy Program guidelines

As part of Darebin’s Graffiti Management Strategy 2014 – 2018, we fund a limited number of street art murals on private property through the Street Art Subsidy Program.

Eligibility requirements

  • The property must be affected by graffiti or will have reported the occurrence of graffiti in this location within the past 12 months of the submission for funding.
  • Work will not be undertaken on land that abuts train lines unless the property owner has received approval from the relevant authority to access the space prior to the work being undertaken.
  • Any artwork must be pre-approved by us prior to installation.
  • The property owner must give consent in writing prior to the application of any artwork and agree to keep it for a time of no less than three years.

Street art sites