Street cleaning

Our sweepers visit your street at least every six weeks. If you see a chemical spill on your street, report it here.

Our street sweeping trucks drive by your street every 6 weeks to keep the gutters clean.

Residential streets are swept once throughout a six (6) week cycle, while made rights-of-way cleaned once every three (3) months. These frequency may be subject to change during the heavy leaf fall season. The schedule for your street is available on DarebinGuide.

  1. Visit DarebinGuide
  2. Enter your property address in the Address search
  3. Refer to the Property Details section (on left)
  4. See Street Sweeping to find your next street sweeping date.

Why hasn't our street been cleaned?

  • Our trucks can't sweep the road in front of your house if there is a parked car in the way.
  • Cleaning is only provided for streets (property line to property line, made laneways) and Darebin owned car parks.
  • Autumn leaves can gather quickly creating a lot of mess on the street, during this time additional resources may be utilised to help keep these streets clean.

Report a Road Spill

If you notice that oil, paint or cement has been spilled across your street please report it to us. We will arrange for the spill to be inspected and cleaned as soon as possible.


More information:

Customer service
Call: (03) 8470 8888