Hard Waste

How to place hard waste

Learn how, when and where to place your hard waste so we can collect it.

To ensure we collect your hard rubbish, you must meet our conditions of collection. These include how, when and what you can put out for collection.

When you put out your hard waste please follow these conditions:

  • Put your items out between the time and date advised in your brochure.
  • Put a maximum of one cubic metre of material out for collection (equal to two washing machines side by side). We won't collect any more than that.
  • Make sure that two people can easily lift what you put out.
  • Your items cannot be longer or wider than 1.5 metres.
  • Don't add anything to the pile after 6am on the collection date, as we won't collect items put out late.
  • Be aware that we may collect different types of items on different days.