Our free hard waste collections

We provide two free hard waste collections each year: one in winter and one in spring.

Winter hard waste collection

Winter hard waste collection for 2023 will commence mid-June.

Your collection date depends on where you live in Darebin. You will get a hard rubbish brochure in the mail two weeks before your collection week. It will let you know the date and time to put items out for collection, and any other important information.

Spring hard waste collection

Our spring hard waste collection is from September to November. Your collection date depends on where you live in Darebin and you need to make a booking.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will let you know when to place your items out for collection, what you can put out as hard waste and any other important information.

Please note we have filled up our allocated collections and there are no more spaces available this Spring.

What is hard waste?

Find out more about what you can put out for the hard waste collection.

Getting rid of hard waste at other times of the year

If you have items to get rid of before the next hard waste collection date, try the options below: