Illegal dumping

Information on how to report dumped rubbish, abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys, or hazardous materials.


rubbish on side of road
Have you spotted any dumped rubbish on the road, in a park, or on Council land? If so, please report the issue to us so we can investigate it further.
An abandoned vehicle, with a flat tire
Abandoned vehicles can be impounded, especially if they're obstructing a public road or reserve. If you spot one, please report it to us.
abandoned shopping trolley
If you find an abandoned trolley in your area you need to report it to the relevant retailer. Many major retailers have an abandoned trolley hotline.
dumped asbestos roof sheeting
If you find dumped asbestos on roads, footpaths, right of ways, parks or reserves report it to us immediately. Heavy fines apply for asbestos dumpers.