Public health and safety

Report problems or check policies for public health areas such as asbestos, noise, pest control and hygiene.


Asbestos is in many buildings, but is safe if left undisturbed. We can advise you who to contact if you have concerns.
Contaminated soil
Soil can become contaminated by certain activities and waste disposal. Contamination needs to be managed safely.
food safety
If you have any food hygiene concerns of any food outlets in Darebin, you should contact us.
Very bright spotlight

Most commonly reported complaints about lighting can be due to poor installation of lighting on commercial and domestic properties.

Learn what you can do about noise disturbances, and what powers are legislated for Council and other authorities to respond with.
We can investigate cases of excessive odours from a residence, and we can advise you who to contact about environmental pollution.
pest control
Council cannot provide direct pest control services, but we do provide information on pest control for rats, mice, cockroaches, bees and wasps.
woodheater smoke
How to operate wood heaters to reduce smoke, and what to do if you are affected by a neighbour's wood smoke.
syringe disposal
Learn how to safely dispose of syringes, pen needles and lancets.
If you believe that a business is breaching tobacco laws, you may contact us to make a complaint.