How to recycle right

What goes in which bin? What doesn't go in any of them? Find out how to recycle your waste correctly here.

Know what can and can't go in your recycling bin, and Recycle Right.

Bin Inspection Program

We're proud that Darebin residents are good recyclers. Over the years what can and cannot be recycled has changed slightly, which can make it confusing. We want to make sure that we are communicating these changes clearly with our community. So to help us learn from you, Council will be conducting a bin inspection program starting end of April 2021, to find out what items we need to communicate better about. Together we can continue to recycling right, and reduce the environmental impacts from our waste. To find out what can and can’t go in your recycling bin, please see information below. For more information about the Bin Inspection Program, read our Bin Inspection Program FAQ.

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What goes into your recycling is as important as what doesn't. Find out what you can recycle.
What goes into the recycling is as important as what doesn't, find out what we can't accept in your recycling bin.
It's important to know our recycling system to ensure that your recyclables get to the right place.
Our community recycling stations accept a range of materials. Learn more.
We may not be able to process all of your recyclables, but there are a range of organisations that can help.
Detox Your Home is the Victorian Government's free chemical drop-off service