Recycling tips

It's important to know our recycling system to ensure that your recyclables get to the right place.

Here are some tips for recycling in Darebin:

  • Make sure you put your recycling in the bin loosely. If your recycling is in bags, the sorting facility may not sort it for you.
  • Recycling doesn't need to be squeaky clean. You can scrape any food and liquid out of containers and bottles, but you don't need to rinse them clean.
  • Squeeze, squash and flatten your recycling to fit more in your bin.
  • Don't put the wrong items in the recycling bin. It may not be collected if there are incorrect items inside.

Know Your Recycling

Sustainability Victoria's Know Your Recycling campaign is a great resource. Visit the Know Your Recycling website for information about recycling symbols, where to put recycling, and what you can and can't recycle.