What we do and don't accept

The Darebin Resource and Recovery Centre accepts domestic quantities of a range of items.

What do we accept for free?

We accept domestic quantities of these items for free

✅ aluminium cans and tins

✅ clothing
✅ car and household batteries
✅ cooking oil
✅ computers and televisions
✅ computer accessories (keyboards, printers, hard drives, mouses)
✅ glass bottles and jars
✅ light globes and tubes
 steel and scrap metal

What do we accept for a charge?

Charges apply for these items

 general waste

 gas bottles
 air conditioners
 garden waste
 electronic waste
 motor oil
 building materials
 paint tins

For a list of charges, download our Resource Recovery Centre fees and charges brochure.

For more information about electronic waste, visit our electronic waste page.

What don't we accept?

We don't accept
❌ paper and cardboard (use your household recycling bin)
❌ asbestos
❌ chemicals
❌ medical and liquid waste
❌ hot ashes
❌ prescribed waste

For more information, please call 03 8470 8777.