Energy and climate

All about our initiatives on climate and energy, such as the Solar Saver program, and how to get involved.


Council's climate emergency planning involves actions across energy, waste, transport, business, procurement and events.
Darebin was the first government anywhere in the world to declare a Climate Emergency. Here's what that means.
Solar panels installed on a house roof

Interested in getting solar panels? The Solar Saver Program can arrange a premium installer with the best quality and price for you.

Energy efficiency tips, Power Saving Bonus, toolkits, and an energy-saving guide for renters.
While the climate crisis may seem overwhelming, we can all take action and make a difference.
The ABC's Fight for Planet A series explores how we can all reduce our greenhouse gases in three key areas – energy, transport and food.
We've developed written resources to support other Councils who have either declared a climate emergency, or are wanting to.