Fight for Planet A

The ABC's Fight for Planet A series explores how we can all reduce our greenhouse gases in three key areas – energy, transport and food.

Get ready to Fight for Planet A

Darebin Council is dedicated to working with our community to take action on the climate emergency. We know that when we work together, we can achieve so much more and protect the health of people and the planet.

Most of us are concerned about the climate emergency, but many of us feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Luckily, the ABC series ‘Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge’ can provide some great tips! You can watch the series on ABC iView here.

Fight for Planet A explores how we can save greenhouse gas emissions in three key areas – energy, transport and food – while also calling on our leaders to protect people and our planet.

Are you ready for a climate challenge?

Australian households generate a fifth of our greenhouse gases. But our small actions can lead to big improvements just by making some practical day-to-day changes.

Start the Darebin Community Climate Challenge

Below is a list of suggestions for how you can take action here in Darebin, grouped under the three themes.

You can also check out these awesome resources developed by the ABC: create your own personalised Community Solutions Plan and use their new Carbon Counter to calculate how much carbon dioxide you could save with different lifestyle changes.

Craig Reucassel, pointing to model wind turbine, under heading 'Fight for Planet A - Our Climate Challenge'



  • Go to ABC Your Planet for climate-related stories and resources
  • Get all your Climate Change 101 questions answered with this Climate Council’s explainer
  • Watch our video series about how Darebin businesses are saving energy
  • Check out our Energy and Climate page for more tips and suggestions
  • Subscribe to our Sustainable Darebin e-newsletter for all our events, workshops and tips



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  • Review ways you could use your car less often – for example, by riding a bike, walking, using public transport
  • Look at car share options or ebikes as alternatives to car ownership
  • Where you need to drive, consider low emissions options such as electric cars
  • Talk to your school about supporting active travel to school
  • Get active on climate by writing to your local state MP to support investment in sustainable transport






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Need more information, or have some ideas for how we can support you to take action? Email us at We love to hear from you!

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