Sustainable gardening

Local plants, using compost and conserving water can create a sustainable and beautiful garden.

Create a visually beautiful, environmentally sustainable garden.

Sustainable gardening can benefit our local environment in so many ways.

If we plant local plants we provide food and shelter for birds, bees and butterflies. By conserving water in the garden we help maintain water levels in our reservoirs. If we minimise our use of chemicals, we help to keep stormwater runoff into creeks and streams chemical free. By growing food in our gardens we can reap environmental and health benefits. If we purchase garden products made from renewable resources for the garden instead of nonrenewable resources, we help to protect our old growth forests and river ecosystems.

Creating sustainable gardens and encouraging biodiversity are also a great way for us all to take action on the climate emergency together. By composting our food waste and using it on our garden rather than sending it to landfill, we reduce harmful greenhouse gases. Our plants and trees help draw down carbon from the atmosphere, as well as providing shade and shelter and reducing the heat generated by the many hard surfaces of our city.

Download the Sustainable Gardening in Darebin Booklet for detailed information on creating a sustainable garden, including a list of recommended local plant species.