Energy and climate

We're involved in a range of initiatives to save energy and address climate change. Find out what we're doing and how you can get involved.


Council is taking a range of actions across energy, waste, transport, business, procurement and events.
Darebin was the first government anywhere in the world to declare a Climate Emergency. Here's what that means.
Interested in installing solar on your property through the Bulk Buy program? Registrations are now open for residential and commercial installations.
There are loads of tips and tricks to conserving your energy use at home, so you can help the environment and your wallet too!
 Find out how you can do your part and help us get to net zero emissions. Together we can make a difference.
Do you want to work with others in your area to take action on climate change?
The ABC's Fight for Planet A series explores how we can all reduce our greenhouse gases in three key areas – energy, transport and food.
We've developed written resources to support other Councils who have either declared a climate emergency, or are wanting to.