Solar Saver

Interested in installing solar on your property through the Bulk Buy program? Registrations are now open for residential and commercial installations.

There are two streams of the Solar Saver program:

  • Solar Saver Bulk Buy stream - where you pay the upfront costs
  • Solar Saver Rates stream - where Council pays the upfront costs and you pay it back over 10 years.
There are two streams of the Solar Saver program:
Rates stream
(Council pays the upfront costs, you pay it back over 10 years)             
Bulk Buy stream
(You pay the upfront costs)

In 2020, only low-income households are eligible for this stream.
(See "Is my household eligible"below.)

All Darebin residents are eligible to join.

Our waiting list is currently full.
Please consider joining the Bulk Buy program.
Expressions of Interest will reopen in 2022.

All Darebin businesses are eligible to join.

Council pays the upfront cost of the system.

You pay the upfront cost of the system, including GST.

You pay it back over ten years, interest free.

You may have more choice of products.

You don't pay GST.

You will get your system installed sooner.

Choices are limited to set packages at set prices.
Batteries are not included.

Apply to join the Bulk Buy stream
(pay upfront)

The current lockdown in metropolitan Melbourne has impacted the delivery of the Bulk Buy program. Please revisit our website early next year to register your interest.

More about the Solar Saver Bulk Buy Stream

  • We have done the homework for you, via a competitive tender process, to find a reliable installer and value for money.
  • We have negotiated a 10-year warranty for parts and installation, and a 25-year performance warranty on panels.
  • While we don’t use the most expensive products, we have set a high quality standard in terms of manufacturing quality and the efficiency of the system.
  • Installers must be Clean Energy Council registered installers and adhere to strict safety and quality standards.
  • Many households may be eligible for the Solar Homes rebate from the Victorian Government, which can reduce the cost by $1850 (inc GST), and you may also be able to apply for a four year loan to the same value as your rebate. Going through the Bulk Buy stream also offers you more choice of products, and a shorter wait-time.
  • The solar provider will assist you in applying for the Solar Homes rebate. Please visit Solar Victoria for more information about the rebate and to see if you are eligible.
  • You pay the upfront cost of the system (including GST). Many households decide to finance this via their mortgage, however these decisions are up to each household based on what makes sense for them.
  • Households can save money on power bills with estimated payback period on standard systems between 2-10 years (depending on your energy use, rebate eligibility, roof size and other factors).
  • If you wish you can customise your solar system including, by adding a battery, choosing a different inverter (potentially including micro-inverters), different panels, or other variations. Note that some customised options are at the discretion of the solar company and the prices may be different from the standard option.
  • Businesses and other organisations can also register for the Solar Saver Bulk Buy (for installations up to 10kW).
  • If you want to go ahead, you just need to let us know by registering below and choosing the Bulk Buy option and we will pass your contact details on to our solar provider. If solar is a viable option for you, you will be offered a no-obligation quote. The solar provider will talk you through what size of system will work for your house and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions: Solar Saver Bulk Buy stream 

More about the Solar Savers Rates Stream

  • We'll pay the upfront cost for the system, and you (or your landlord) pay it off over 10 years, interest-free.
  • The savings you make on your energy bills will more than outweigh your repayments to Council, leaving you better off.
  • A range of sizes of systems are available. For most properties, the bigger the system, the better the payback.
  • Council has done the work to help you access:
    - Quality systems
    - Extended warranties
    - A reputable supplier
  • There have been three previous rounds of the Rates Stream of Solar Saver, with nearly 1400 households benefiting from the program.

Is my household eligible for the Rates Stream?

If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions then you are eligible to join the waiting list for the Solar Saver Rates Stream.

  • Do you have a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card?
  • Do you receive ANY payments from Centrelink?
  • Has your employment been affected by COVID-19 and are receiving JobKeeper payments from your employer or JobSeeker payments through Centrelink?
  • Do you spend more than 30% of your total household income on rent or mortgage repayments, and your total household income is less than $74,000 per year?
  • Does your household have a combined income of less than $59,000 per year?
  • Does your household receive the Rates Rebate?

Please be aware that we may ask you to provide evidence for your answers. This is to ensure we are providing maximum access for our priority groups.

Frequently Asked Questions: Solar Saver Bulk Buy stream

Currently the Rates Stream is closed. The program will reopen Expressions of Interest from mid-2022. Check back here for updates about the program.