Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, we have tips on everything from food waste, sustainable practices and community gardens.


Food waste is a big contributor to landfill and greenhouse emissions. These projects will ensure you're making the most of your scraps.
You can create a beautiful garden that helps the environment too! Local plants, water use and compost can be key in acting on Climate Emergency.
You can reduce water consumption in your garden up to 30% by applying simple design and maintenance principles.
Our Gardens for Wildlife program aims to inspire community members to create space for nature in our city.
There's nothing like fruits, herbs and vegetables from your own garden. We have tips and resources to get you started.
Sharing a community garden can expand your knowledge of gardening, allows you to share fresh fruit and vegetables, and helps keep you fit and active.
Indigenous plants are beautiful and provide a range of benefits to your garden. Here are some tips to get you planting.
While they can be helpful, pesticides and fertilisers can also be harmful to the environment if used incorrectly. Here are some ways you can reduce your chemical use.
The Queensland Fruit Fly is a pest that can devastate commercial and backyard crops. Find out how to identify and manage them to stop their spread.