Everything you need to know about trees, tree projects, fallen branches and nature strips.


large gum tree
Trees are vital to the urban character of our neighbourhoods. We can advise you on plantings and arrange damaged or diseased trees to be inspected.
house with trees
Increasing urban density makes our remaining trees increasingly important. We use the Planning Scheme and Local Law to protect significant trees.
tree planting in path
In 2020 our 'Rewilding' program saw 125,000 trees and plants planted in many of our parks and open spaces. We've committed to planting even more.
trees in street
If you are enquiring about the maintenance of street trees or tree maintenance in parks you should contact us.
large gum tree branch
Park and street trees can get damaged and become a danger. If you notice a fallen tree or large branch on public property please report it to us.
Purple Swamp Hen in tree
There are things you can do to keep your nature strip looking great, and Darebin is here to help.