Child care

Starting child care is an important milestone in your life and your child’s life.

All child care centres must comply with legislation and Victorian Department of Education and Training regulations.

Types of care

There are different types of care for different situations:

Child care

Known as Long day care (LDC) - often called Early Learning Centres is available for children whose families / carers are working, volunteering or studying.

Occasional care

This form of child care helps parents who require care on a less regular basis, like needing two hours for an appointment, or to rest.

Darebin City Council operate a registration system for a number of LDC services operating across the municipality.
Completion of a registration form does not guarantee a child care placement.


You can download our map of child care centres and kindergartens or see a list of child care centres and kindergartens located in Darebin.

Centres on the registration system

We take registrations for eight participating community-managed services. These are operated by either a committee of management or early years management organisation.

Kindergarten or child care centre Address
Annie Dennis Childrens Centre 2 Oldis Avenue
Darebin Child Care & Kindergarten 260 Gower Street
Darebin Child Care & Kindergarten 6—8 Kenilworth Street
Merri Community Child Care Centre & Kindergarten 313 St Georges Road
Merrilands Early Learning 23—25 Ryans Road Reservoir
Nara Community Early Learning Centre 77—91 St Georges Road Preston
Oakhill Children’s Centre 91 North Road
Raleigh Street Community Children's Centre 28 Raleigh Street

You can apply to the childcare waiting list after your child is born. It’s important to contact and visit centres to understand their individual service models, fees and policies.

1. What do you need to register?

To register child care you need to provide:

  • your child’s proof of birth documents (birth certificate or passport) attached to your registration
  • documentation to support your registration, if applicable
  • receipt of your administration fee payment
  • see the Immunisation — "No jab, no play" legislation section on this page.

Note: completing a registration form does not guarantee a child care program.

2. How to register

The easiest way to register for childcare is online:

Register for childcare

Note: if you need help with the online portal contact our Darebin Registration Team 

Other ways to register

  1. Contact our registration team to have a registration form sent to you:
    Phone: 03 8470 8825
  2. Or visit one of our customer service centres to pickup a form.
  3. Complete the form then post, email or drop off the form — details are on the form.

  4. Payment - once you have submitted the form you can pay the administration fee online.

  • We charge a one-off administration fee for the registration of each child. Administration fees are waived for eligible Australian Government concession cards holders.

Note: Completing the application form doesn't guarantee placement and we recommend you explore all options in the area.

Immunisation — "No jab, no play" legislation

For your child's enrolment at kindergarten to be confirmed, you will need to provide the Kindergarten service with evidence of your child’s up to date immunisation statement.

A current immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register, the statement must show your child is up to date with all vaccinations that are due for their age. Or they're up to date with the vaccinations they're able to receive.

The immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register is the only document accepted for enrolments. Letters from GPs or local councils are not accepted.

Our immunisation service can get your family up-to-date with vaccinations. Find out about our vaccinations clinics and upcoming vaccination dates

You can find out more about the No Jab No Play legislation on the Better Health Channel or Australian Department of Human Services


You can download our map of child care centres and kindergartens or see a list of child care centres and kindergartens located in Darebin.

More information

Contact Darebin Registration Team
Phone: 03 8470 8825


Starting Blocks - provides parents with information about children's education and care.

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