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If you are an experienced and creative thinker who is primed for a challenge, has the hunger to lead from the front and wants to contribute to a community and organisation that proudly values social inclusion, sustainability, engagement and service excellence, then apply for a job with Darebin City Council.

Current advertised positions available at Darebin City Council.

Work placements for local institutions are supported by Council (if placements are a course requirement).

Work Placements
We promote and support several local institutions in their efforts to obtain placements for students. We recognise the value of our local community and acknowledge that Council is able to give back to its community by providing effective and quality work placements.

Requests can only be considered if work placement is a requirement of the course.

Application Process
If you are interested in applying for a work placement or work experience:

  1. Complete the on-line Application for an Employment Program Form
  2. Once your application has been received it will be forwarded to the relevant Department for consideration and, if the Department is able to accommodate your placement request, you will be contacted to make further arrangements.

Note: Only successful applicants will be contacted further.

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Thank you for expressing interest in employment with Darebin City Council. If you are successful in your application to join Darebin, you will find that our business and work environment is both challenging and rewarding.

Please read the following job application guidelines carefully.

These Guidelines provide individuals with the necessary information to respond to the advertised positions. The following outlines Council’s recruitment and selection process; and contains helpful information and tips on applying for a position with us.

Darebin City Council
Darebin City Council is located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and was established on the 22 June 1994 as part of the government amalgamation process. Darebin is home to one of the largest, most diverse communities anywhere in Victoria. Our population is almost 140,000 and residents originate from 126 countries and speak 118 languages at home. More than 1000 residents are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
Darebin City Council is an equal opportunity employer and values the contributions a diverse workforce can bring to the organisation, ensuring that fair, equitable and non-discriminatory consideration is given to all applicants regardless of age, sex, disability, marital status, pregnancy, race/ethno-religious background, industrial activity, gender identity, sexual orientation, status as a parent or career, political activity, or irrelevant criminal record.

Benefits of working at Darebin
Council is an innovative and professional organisation with flexible working conditions including:
  •     Challenging career opportunities
  •     Work life balance opportunities
  •     Above Award conditions
  •     Employee professional development initiatives
  •     Superannuation
  •     Equal Employment Opportunity
Applying For A Job
The selection process has been designed to ensure that all eligible applicants have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and suitability for the position.

The process is objective and comprehensive and is designed to select the most suitable applicants for the role. The minimum requirement of a shortlisted applicant will be to attend an interview. However, the selection process may also include skills tests or work samples, reference checking, psychometric assessment, a functional capacity assessment, police check and working with children check where appropriate. Appointment to positions within Council is on the basis of merit. All jobs available are advertised and Council does not provide employment to unsolicited applicants.

Position Description
The Position Description should be read very carefully as this describes the conditions, duties, and requirements of the position and provides the criteria for selecting the most suitable person for the job. We recommend that you give specific examples of how you meet the Key Selection Criteria in your application.

Contact Officer
The contact officer’s name is stated on the Job Advertisement. If you have any queries please contact this person after you read these guidelines so your questions can be addressed promptly. Speaking to the contact person may assist you in your decision on whether to apply for the position.

Your Application
The primary function of an application is to provide relevant information about your education, work history, skills and experience. It is the first step of the selection process and although it will never solely determine whether you are successful, an application does convey important information about you and your suitability for the position.

Your response to the Key Selection Criteria will impact the short-listing process. It shows why you are a suitable candidate for the job and how your skills, knowledge and experience address each of the selection criteria. To optimise your chances of securing an interview, your responses should be succinct and relevant. Applications that do not address the Key Selection Criteria will not be considered.

Hard-copy applications should include the title and position number of the position.

Online Applications
  •     Complete application questions.
  •     Address the Key Selection Criteria outlined in the position description and upload your resume.

Closing Date / Late Applications
It is essential that you take all reasonable steps to ensure your application arrives at Council by the closing date. Selection Panels are not obliged to accept late applications.

Please refer to the Positions Available for the closing date.

Where to Send your Application
Applications may be submitted online. Hard-copy applications may be forwarded to:

Manager People and Culture 
Darebin City Council
PO Box 91
Preston VIC 3072
Fax: (03) 9261 4800


Your application will be acknowledged once submitted online. Should you be selected for an interview you will be contacted after the application closing date.

Only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted further. If you have not been contacted within four weeks of the closing date for applications, you can infer you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Availability for Interview
As an applicant, you will be regarded as being available for interview from the closing date or on a date specified in the job advertisement. Applicants will be given a reasonable amount of notice to attend an interview. If you know you will be unavailable in the month following the closing date, you should advise of your expected absence in your application.

The interview will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate merit, skill and qualifications applicable to the position. The selection panel will ask a series of questions based on the selection criteria.

Copies of your Working with Children Check card, licences, and qualifications may be requested for viewing at interview stage.

You may also bring any documents, examples of work etc. that may assist in the interview process. The selection panel will rate all interviewees against each selection criterion for the position, then discuss their results and reach a consensus prior to making a recommendation.

Functional Capacity Assessment
Short listed applicants will be contacted by telephone and requested to attend a Functional Capacity Assessment at Council’s expense and with Council’s doctors.

Psychometric Assessment
Prospective employees will undergo a Psychometric Assessment prior to appointment. The aim of the assessment is to determine cognitive and behavioural fit for the role and the broader organisation.

Conditions of Employment
If you are successful in your application for employment with Council, and you would like further information on conditions of employment and salary prior to accepting, please contact the chair of the Selection Panel.


All employees must agree to adhere to the requirements of a number of workplace policies and procedures. For example

 Further Information

Coordinator People Practices
Ph: (03) 8470 8204

Darebin is home to one of the largest, most diverse communities anywhere in the State in terms of cultures, language (more than 118 languages are spoken), religions, socio-economic background, employment status, occupation, and housing needs.

We are leaders in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice, often collaborating with neighbouring municipalities to promote awareness and encourage community participation.
We also provide flexible working arrangements and excellent working conditions that are supported across the organisation.

Religious affiliation is strong in Darebin, the main affiliations being with Christian, Islamic and Buddhist faiths. Although the overall Darebin population is ageing there is a growth in younger age groups in Northcote and Fairfield and in the redevelopment estates located in Bundoora. While most residents are employed in the industrial sector, an increasing number of professionals live in, and continue to move to the municipality.

Darebin City Council is one of the largest employers in the municipality with an operating expenditure budget of $120 million and capital expenditure budget of $37 million. Darebin has a population of 143,057 and we are also home to two significant tertiary organisations well serviced by public transport.

Our Diverse Community
Darebin is a diverse city in terms of cultures, language, religions, socio-economic background, employment status, occupation, housing needs and people with a diverse range of opinions, aspirations and expectations.

We must continually improve our performance in showing how our organisation actively represents its community’s diversity as a mainstream component. Our aim is to create an inclusive work environment that values the contribution of all employees and treats all employees with dignity and respect.

Our Vision is for a community that works together to advance community life.

Darebin is proud of the diversity of its workforce and recognises the strength this provides in meeting the needs of the community we serve. We are committed to the development of a positive and supportive work environment, which encourages continuous learning and achievement of our business goals.

Our Values
Our organisational values provide us a shared basis and a common ground to guide us in working together to deliver service excellence for our community.

We are Collaborative
We are united by a common purpose to serve the community. We work together, connecting within our teams and across the organisation. We are inclusive and collaborative. We are one.

We have Integrity
We act with integrity and transparency in conversations and decision-making. Through open and clear communication, we build trust. We’re honest. We walk the talk.

We are Accountable
We are empowered to own and take responsibility for our actions. We follow through on our commitments and deliver on our promises. We make it happen.

We show Respect
We are diverse, inclusive, respectful and caring. We encourage everyone to have a voice and we listen to each other. We recognise one another’s contributions and treat people fairly. We look after each other.

We are Creative
We are bold, courageous and innovative. We try new things, experiment and continuously improve. We are open-minded, creative and forward-thinking. We are leaders.

We Make a Difference
We are driven by our desire to make a difference for the people we serve. Our work is purposeful and creates a positive impact for the community. We are proud to work here. Our work matters.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Darebin City Council is proud of the diversity of its workforce and recognises the strengths this provides in meeting the needs of the community it serves. It is committed to providing a workplace where employees are valued and respected and free from all forms of discrimination and harassment inclusive of bullying.

Darebin City Council actively discourages discrimination, harassment and bullying on the grounds of:
  • Age
  • Disability/Impairment
  • Industrial activity/inactivity
  • Lawful sexual activity
  • Gender Identity
  • Marital Status, including defacto
  • Physical features
  • Political belief or activity
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Race
  • Religious belief and activity
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Status as a parent or carer
  • Irrelevant criminal conviction and
  • Personal association with someone of the above attributes

All employees at Darebin City Council will conduct themselves in a manner that ensures that the Darebin City Council is a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying in accordance with Darebin's Excellence in Governence Code of Conduct.

Council is an equal employment opportunity employer, has an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and is a smoke free workplace.

Child Safe City - Our Commitment
Darebin City Council prides itself on being a child safe organisation with zero tolerance for child abuse. We recognise our legal and moral responsibilities to keep children and young people safe from harm; we promote their health and wellbeing, and support their best interests.

We have the Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct, Safeguarding Children Policy, and procedures and training in place that support our leadership team, employees and volunteers to achieve these commitments.

We create environments where all children, including children with a disability, Aboriginal children, and children from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, have a voice - they are listened to, their views are respected and they contribute to how we plan for, design and implement our services and activities.

Occupational Health and Safety
We aim to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, Councillors, contractors, suppliers and visitors, and anyone else who may be impacted by our services. Please read our Occupational Health and Safety Commitment for further information.
Watch a quick video that explores the City of Darebin.