Social media terms of use

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We use our social media channels to keep the community informed about our upcoming events, activities, projects and initiatives.

Open discussion, communication and feedback from the community are encouraged, and we invite you to join the conversations about Darebin. You are welcome to post your comments or opinions, treating us and other individuals and organisations in a courteous and respectful manner.

In light of changes to defamation law on 8 September 2021 following the Voller v Fairfax case, we have updated our terms of use to reflect new moderation methods on our channels.

Moderating comments

On channels where we can actively moderate comments and posts, items will be deleted without warning if they are:

  • Indecent, offensive, violent or rude language, links or images
  • Threatening or include abusive language or defamatory statements
  • Inappropriate or illegal content
  • Hateful or derogatory opinions on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, employment or political orientation
  • Targeted at any individual in a harassing, aggressive or antisocial manner
  • Comments that are off-topic or inappropriate
  • Comments that are in opposition to state advice
  • Unsolicited advertising, repeated posts/comments or spam
  • Using the platform to criticize or abuse individuals, organisations or political parties
  • [During caretaker period before Council elections] Campaigning, or content seen to be of a political nature

At our moderator’s discretion, your comment may be hidden, deleted or you may be issued a warning or banned from continuing to contribute to the platform, with no warning.

We are committed to considering all feedback, comments, compliments or complaints to improve our practices. We value your privacy and treat personal information confidentially. See our privacy statement for more details.

For customer service issues, please get in touch:

We may also take the discussion offline if we think the issue is of a private nature, to protect your privacy.

Comments posted on our social media channels should also comply with the following, as any comments that contravene these may be removed:

We hope you enjoy learning about the many services and events we offer and sharing your stories about living and visiting our community.