Join our Local Supplier Register

Our local supplier register helps us to purchase from local suppliers and social enterprises.

If you are located in Darebin or in Melbourne’s greater north region, you can register for our "Local Supplier Register". This is for local suppliers and social enterprises, including Kinaway Commerce businesses and disability enterprises.

Join our Local Supplier Register

Our purchasing staff will use this register to locate local suppliers and social enterprise. We can’t guarantee you will be contacted to provide us with a quote, but if your details are registered then you give yourself every chance.

The table below details what our staff need when we are purchasing goods and services:

Threshold (inc GST) Requirement
Under $10,000 Under $1,000 - verbal quote to justify the one-off purchase
Over $1,000 - obtain at least one written quotation for one-off purchase
$10,001—$50,000 Minimum of three written quotes are to be invited from suppliers who are considered able to meet the requirements Mandatory: a minimum of one local and social business supplier must be invited, depending on availability of local suppliers
  • Undertake a formal Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • More than three written quotes are to be invited/received from suppliers for evaluation.
  • Publish formal Request for Quote using our eTender website and other commercial business eTendering websites
Mandatory: inclusion of S&S objectives
Over $300,000 A public tender process is required for goods, services or works, which will be published on our eTender website and other commercial business eTendering websites

You will only be contacted for purchases that are less than $300,000 (ie., for quotes where a public tender is not required).

Receive notifications from our eTender website

When you have completed the registration form, you will be prompted to create "subscription alerts" by choosing the goods and services categories that relate to your business.

You only need to do this if you would like to receive public tender notifications for purchases over $300,000.

Our procurement philosophy

We know that procurement is more securing goods, services and works at a good price with an experienced provider.
It is an opportunity to build partnerships and resilient operational models. The right procurement can drive innovation and improve our overall performance to benefit the community.

A consideration in our procurement is understanding how your business operates, your strategies, and understanding how you benefit the community and environment.


More than 27% of our suppliers and businesses we engage with have thought of their polices, and implemented sustainable procedures and policies that work towards protecting the planet.

We invite business owners to think of their environmental approaches and to challenge the status quo with their operations. There are many benefits of working in a sustainable way, a recent study conducted by Deloitte showed that 45% of consumers have stopped buying certain products due to sustainability concerns.

What can I do to make my business sustainable?

Darebin has plenty of tips and programs to help businesses become sustainable, from energy efficiency to improve productivity.

Our teams are happy to contribute towards the information required for determining whether a business meets sustainability criteria, please contact us for tips and ways to make your business sustainable.

Help with communicating in your language

We have the following documents guiding our processes:

If you would like help accessing these documents in your language, call our Multilingual Telephone Line on 03 8470 8470, name your language and ask to speak to Procurement and Contracting.

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