Children with diverse learning needs

Delivering support and consultation to Educators at funded kindergarten programs for the inclusion of children with diverse learning needs.

What is the Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program

The PSFO program is funded by The Department of Education (DE). It is designed to provide practical advice and support to Victorian government funded kindergarten services to build their capacity to provide for the inclusion, access, learning and development, and meaningful participation of children with diverse learning needs.  

The Darebin PSFO program recognises and respects the expertise and ongoing role of the early childhood educator in supporting children’s learning and development. Through building on their already exciting skills, knowledge, and confidence Darebin PSFO program aims to provide for the inclusion and participation of children with diverse learning needs.

The PSFO program is a targeted and time limited capacity building program

Preschool Field Officers

Work with funded three-year-old and funded four-year-old kindergarten programs.

Support Educators to work collaboratively with families and other services involved with the child and family.

Work with educators by building on their observations of children in their early years setting. This contributes to the Educator’s assessment of the child to enable a collaborative approach

Support educators with their programming and planning as needed.

Provide information, resources, and referral pathways.

Provides flexible service support that combines both onsite and remote service options.

Support connections to additional Early Years Darebin services


Refer a child to a Preschool Field Officer 

More information


For more information and a helpful factsheet please visit Preschool Field Officer Program

Darebin PSFO Program

Monday to Friday 8.30 – 4.30pm


Phone: 0460 544 531 

PH: 0460 544 531