Asbestos removal


Asbestos is present in many structures built before 1990, but it is safe if it is left undisturbed.

Asbestos is present in many homes and buildings throughout Melbourne and is safe if undisturbed. It only becomes a health risk when it is disturbed through activity such as drilling or cutting during home renovations, which allows asbestos particles to be released into the air where they can be breathed in.

Before completing any building works on a structure built before the 1990's it is important to find, manage, remove and dispose of asbestos in the home.

Responsible ownership and asbestos safety

  • Be asbestos aware – read the Government’s comprehensive guide: Asbestos – A guide for householders.
  • When renovating, don’t attempt asbestos removal yourself. The safest way to remove asbestos is to use a licensed asbestos removalist.
  • Never put other people’s health at risk by illegally dumping asbestos, report Illegal waste dumping to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) .
  • If you suspect asbestos isn’t being removed safely at a worksite, report it to WorkSafe Victoria.
  • If you see dumped asbestos on Council Parks or land, call our Customer Service on 03 8470 8888.
  • If asbestos is being removed from your home during home renovations, we encourage you to notify your neighbours know beforehand and reassure them that it’s being handled safely.

More information

The Victorian Government's Asbestos website is the collective advice from WorkSafe Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and the Department of Health. It provides advice and information to help homeowners, tenants, employers and workers understand the risks of asbestos, how to comply with your duties, and resources for managing and removing asbestos in homes and workplaces.