How to place hard waste

Hard waste on the kerb

How, when and where to place your hard waste for collection.

To ensure we collect your hard rubbish, you must meet our conditions of collection(PDF, 144KB). These include how, when and what you can put items out for collection.

Your household can:

  • Place a maximum of one cubic metre of material (equal to two washing machines side by side) out for collection.
  • Any excess will not be collected.

Place these items in four separate piles so they can be recycled:

hard waste

  • Place all other items in a neat, separate pile to be collected and sent to landfill.
  • All items must be easily lifted by two people and no longer or wider than 1.5m.
  • Do not place items out after 6am on the date listed on this brochure.
  • Your items may not all be collected on the same day during your collection week, as separate trucks are used for different items. Items placed out late will not be collected.