Construction Vehicle Parking Permit (also known as Work Zone Permit)

Construction Vehicle Parking permits are for zone parking bays for construction work vehicles or site workers.

You can apply for a construction vehicle parking permit if you need dedicated parking spaces for construction site vehicles.

Your application will include information such as the:

  • date and time you need the permit
  • length of time for the permit
  • purpose of your works
  • number of bays you need.

How to apply

Applying is a two-step process, starting with an initial assessment. If your assessment is successful, you can then move on to setting up your construction vehicle parking zones.

Step 1 - Initial assessment

Fee type Fee (includes GST)
Assessment fee


We don't give refunds for unsuccessful assessments.

Step 2 - setting up construction vehicle parking zones

Fee type Fee (includes GST)
Sign installation and removal fee
Road occupation fee
$204 per bay, per month

After we receive your installation fee, it can take up to 10 business days to install signs.

Construction Vehicle Parking Permit