Reducing waste

What goes into your food and green waste bin, how to use your kitchen caddy, and reducing food waste at home.


Plastic food containers filled with vegetables in a refrigerator
Food waste can harm your budget and the environment, but there are some practical ways to avoid it.
Carelessly discarded plastics including bottles end up in our creeks and waterways
We have resolved to eliminate single-use plastics, and we support local business to do the same.
Gluing an item
Save your broken items from landfill and give them a second life by fixing them.
Bottom of a wardrobe with hanging cloths and assortment of boots and shoes
Several organisations will accept donated items if they're in good condition or just need minor repairs.
Hands putting folded clothes into a cardboard box
A lot of clothing and textile waste ends up in landfill, but there are ways to reduce your fashion footprint.
Resident placing a bag of rubbish in the waste bin

How well do we recycle? By using the right bins, we can reduce our waste and lessen our impacts on the environment.