Native and Indigenous plants

How to create a beautiful indigenous garden.

Indigenous plants are not only beautiful, they also provide important habitat for native birds, insects and animals.

There are many indigenous plants that are suitable for the home garden.

Benefits of indigenous plants

  • Create an attractive garden
  • Require less water
  • Increase biodiversity and attract wildlife (including birds and bees)
  • Provide habitat and food source for wildlife
  • Provide wildlife corridors
  • Low maintenance - reduce the need for intensive grass cutting
  • Retain the natural character of an area
  • Prevent and controls salinity and erosion

Creating an indigenous garden

  • Identify the area you would like to plant. Check for infrastructure including pipes, underground cables and overhead lines, etc. Ring Dial Before You Dig on 1100.
  • Decide on your total budget including plants, tree guards, mulch, jute squares, herbicide, contractors or stakes.
  • Prepare the site by removing weeds, mulching and pruning trees if required. Where possible plant in autumn or winter.
  • Plan for the size of the mature trees and shrubs and consider their sunlight needs.

Download our Sustainable Gardening Booklet for a list of recommended indigenous plants (pages 26-33). Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. You can also consult a local indigenous plant nursery for recommendations.

Search for indigenous nurseries on Google Maps as a starting point.

Further Information

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