Submit RFI or ask for more time

If we need to know more about your planning permit application, we'll send you a request for further information (RFI). Find out what this means.

Why did we send you an RFI?

Because we reviewed your application and we needs more information about your proposal to assess it properly. We'll generally review your application within 28 days of you lodging it. If we have any concerns about your proposal, its likely that we'll identify these in the request.

We don't send an RFI for every application. This will be less likely if you use our checklists and request pre-application advice before you lodge.

How do you respond to an RFI?

It's quick and easy to respond online:

  • Generally, you must respond to a request for further information within 60 days, but this may vary depending on how much information we need.
  • If you don't provide the requested information by the due date, the application will lapse and we can't assess it any further. You then need to lodge a new planning permit application.

To complete your response you'll need:

  • Application number
  • Name of responsible officer
  • Covering letter

Respond to a request for further information

What if you need more time?

If you need more time to send the information, please contact us before the due date with a reason and revised due date.

Please ensure that you email all requests for additional time to (not to the planner directly) to ensure we can register and action it efficiently.

If you have any questions about this process, call the Planning Department on 03 8470 8850.