Car share

Woman locates a share car using her phone

Car sharing is a sustainable alternative to car ownership. Find car sharing locations and providers near you.

Car sharing provides a cost effective, convenient and sustainable alternative to car ownership. There are over 50 car share bays in Darebin provided by FlexiCar, GoGet and Popcar. These bays are mostly in Northcote and Westgarth but there are also bays in Thornbury, Preston, Reservoir and Bundoora. We are working with car share companies to expand our car share network.

View map of current car share bay locations in Darebin

Some Darebin residents make their own vehicles available for sharing through neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform Uber Carshare.

What is car sharing?

Car sharing is a service that allows you to hire vehicles on demand for short periods of time, usually by the hour. Vehicles are parked in dedicated bays and are available to members 24 hours a day. Members benefit from the flexibility of having access to a private vehicle but do not have to pay the costs associated with owning a car.

Benefits of car sharing

Research has found that each car share vehicle replaces up to 10 privately owned cars. Members of car share schemes also reduce car use by around 50%. Car sharing therefore helps to reduce traffic congestion, parking demand, and greenhouse gas emissions.

How does car sharing work?

You register with a car share company, pay a fee and book a car online or by phone. Once you have registered you have access to a network of vehicles in your area which can be booked on an hourly or daily basis. When you hire a vehicle it must be picked up and dropped back to the same spot. The fees cover all expenses, including petrol, insurance, registration and maintenance.

People who drive less that 5,000 km per year usually find car sharing saves them money. Car sharing is perfect for anyone that doesn't need a car every day, or only needs a second car occasionally. It is also a great option for businesses.

Compare the prices, locations and service provision to work out which car share company suits you best.