Pay parking fines by phone, mail, in person or online. You can also read about objecting to fines, and court processes.

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Payment methods

Payment options and details
Method Details and instructions
Phone by credit card

Payments via phone can be made by credit cards MasterCard or Visa.

Call 1300 954 297 and follow the prompts. You will need the seven digit ticket number printed on the front of the notice.

Online by credit card

It's quick and easy to pay parking fines online (less than 2 min to complete):

  • Payments can be made with MasterCard or Visa credit cards.
  • You need the seven digit ticket number shown on the front of your infringement notice.

Pay fine online

Post by cheque or money order

Payment of the infringement may be made by money order or cheque marked “Not Negotiable” and payable to the City of Darebin. Payments by cheque are not deemed to be paid until the cheque has been honoured.

City of Darebin
PO Box 91
Preston VIC 3072

Parking fines where you are not the owner

If you have a parking fine, it’s important to understand that under Victorian law, the only people who can apply for a review are:

  • the registered owner
  • their authorised representative or
  • a person who has been formally nominated as the driver.

This is because parking fines are issued to ‘the owner’ of the vehicle. If the vehicle isn’t registered in your name, you must supply one of the following documents with your application:

  • to act as the owner’s authorised representative, a letter from the owner authorising you to act on their behalf.
  • to be formally nominated as the driver, a known user nomination statement must be completed by the owner.