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Pay parking fines by phone, mail, in person or online. You can also read about objecting to fines, and court processes.

Payment methods

Payment options and details

Extension of time to pay

An extension of time to pay of up to eight weeks can be granted upon request. Multiple extensions of time can be offered but will not exceed the equivalent of 12 weeks.

Applying for a payment arrangement with Fines Victoria

You may apply for a payment arrangement with Fines Victoria to pay a fine or multiple fines. A payment arrangement may include fines from different enforcement agencies, fines at different stages of enforcement, and court fines.

You may request Council refer your fine to Fines Victoria for a payment arrangement by submitting an email to or in person via one of our customer service centres.

To be eligible you must be the person named on the infringement, the owner of the vehicle, the nominated driver(PDF, 279KB) , or acting on behalf of a person with written permission.

Please include:

  • the infringement number
  • your name
  • your postal address.

Working Development Permit

If you are eligible, an accredited organisation may apply to the Director, Fines Victoria, for a Work and Development Permit on your behalf.

A Work and Development Permit (WDP) is an initiative to provide vulnerable and disadvantaged people with a non-financial option to address their fine debt. A WDP allows an eligible person to work off their fine debt by participating in certain activities and treatment.

For more information regarding this scheme, and to identify an accredited sponsor, please contact the WDP Operational Team on 1300 323 483, by email at or visit Work and development permit scheme | Department of Justice and Community Safety Victoria