Building and renovations

Construction and alteration of structures, including houses, shops, offices and developments and ensuring safe construction practices. 

Building step 1 gather information

The building permit you apply for will depend on what kind of work you're doing. Check out our range of building permit application types.
Council building consent can vary for different things. Find out about what applies to your project.
Close up of a pool and steps
Are you considering installing a pool or spa at your property? Find out what you need to do, from inspections to registrations and compliance.
Builder at a house construction site

Our FAQs about your building project, or to answer questions about your neighbour's building project.

Building step 2 engage building surveyor

Your building surveyor is a trained building professional and key member of your team and will help you deliver your building project. 
Discover how to find and select a building surveyor and their responsibilities.

Private building surveyors are required to lodge certain documents with council once they are appointed to a project.

Building step 3 building permit application

You can search for different building permit applications via our online building register.
Building permits within Darebin are administered and issued by private building surveyors.

Building step 4 assessment and feedback

Find out about Council assessment and feedback for applications that you lodge with us.

Building step 5 engage builder

Find out about your responsibilities as an owner builder and how to go about becoming registered.
Discover what the role is of a registered builder and how to find one.

Building step 6 asset protection

Asset protection involves the protection of council assets from potential damage during building works.

Find out how to get an asset protection bond refund.

Other building works

Are you unsure about the status of a building permit or are concerned about safety on a building site?

Building sites must comply with the law to ensure they minimise disruption to the community.

Do you have concerns with possible combustible cladding on an apartment building that you live in, or are considering purchasing?

If you have water on your property from a neighbouring property, it's a civil matter between you and your neighbour.

Handrails and/or balustrades may be a compulsory part of your building project, with regulations around size and floor levels.
Whether you're a home or commercial property owner, you must ensure that you regularly maintain and inspect your balconies.

Most projects will require a Building Permit before works can commence onsite. This is different to a Planning Permit.

Learn more about the two types of permit.

More information

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