Building and renovations

Building is about the construction and alteration of structures, including houses, shops, offices and developments and ensuring that they meet safe construction practices. 



Hands laying bricks to build structure
Get easy access to a range of building applications, certificates and information.
Two people reviewing building plans on a phone
Find out what information you need to gather before you start your building project. If you are ready, you can apply for a Building Permit.
Man and lady shaking hands
Learn what to check before making a decision on appointing your building surveyor. What is their role and how do you find one? 
Person looking at building plans
Find out what you need to know about lodging a building permit or to get an extension or an amendment to an existing permit.


Lady reviewing documents on her laptop
Find out about Council assessment and feedback. 

 Builder talking to workers pointing to plans
Engaging a builder or taking on the role of an owner builder.
Photo of road works sign

Asset protection involves the protection of council assets from potential damage during building works. 

Have a query about a building related matter or neighbouring construction?