Neighbouring construction

Building sites must comply with the law to ensure they minimise disruption to the community.

Whether it's a major project or home extension, building sites must comply with a range of laws around noise, traffic and work hours. If you think a site isn't meeting its obligations, you have the right to make a complaint.

Building site compliance

Most complaints about building sites relate to:

  • early starts
  • excessive operating hours
  • footpath access

Building sites are restricted to operate during certain times depending on the size and type of development. Most large sites list operation times in their Construction Management Plan.

Smaller residential sites must comply with the operation times in our local laws. These are:

  • 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 6pm Saturday
  • No works allowed on Sunday (except for owner/occupiers working on their own property)

Building activity is not allowed on Sundays without prior approval.

Building activity is allowed on public holidays and will need to meet the same times listed above, depending on the day the public holiday falls on.

If you have an issue with noise coming from a building site during permitted hours, then a discussion with the builder or site manager is the recommended way for them to understand your concerns. 

To report a building site or find out about operation times for larger sites, please call us on 03 8470 8888.

Traffic issues

Some sites need a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) if they're affecting vehicles or pedestrians outside the site. The TMP outlines temporary changes to traffic conditions, road and footpath closures, and traffic detours.

If you think a building site isn't complying with its TMP, please call us on 03 8470 8888.

Safety and permits

If you have a query about whether there is a permit for building works, or are concerned about safety, please see enquire about neighbourhood works.   

More information

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