Safe Travel Strategy

Cyclist and pedestrian sharing a path

The Safe Travel Strategy supports higher participation rates in low impact modes of travel, such as walking, wheeling and riding bikes in Darebin.

The strategy uses an innovative approach to protect these vulnerable road users and make Darebin a safer and more sustainable place to travel.

The objective of the strategy is to set the foundation for future investment to make Darebin’s roads and paths safe for everyone to use.

This objective will be achieved through the following four goals:

  1. Prioritise the safety of vulnerable road users
  2. Reduce the negative effect of high impact road users on the safety of others
  3. Encourage more people to adopt active and sustainable modes of transport
  4. Engage key partners and stakeholders through effective communication

To find out more, read the Darebin Safe Travel Strategy 2018 – 2028(PDF, 1MB).

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