Growing food and sustainable food systems

Advice on food composting, community gardens, native plants and wildlife – for experts and beginners alike.


Adding food scraps to a compost bin - nom nom nom say the worms

Make the most out of your scraps to reduce both landfill and greenhouse emissions.

Local plants, using compost and conserving water can create a sustainable and beautiful garden.

You can reduce water consumption in your garden up to 30% by applying simple design and maintenance principles.
Gardens for Wildlife image of native flowers

Get involved in the Gards for Wildlife program, for gardens that our local animals and plants can thrive in

Sharing a community garden expands your knowledge, lets you share fresh fruit and vegetables, and helps keep you fit and active.
Native indiginous plants
How to create a beautiful indigenous garden.
Pesticides and fertilisers can be harmful if used incorrectly, so use chemicals with care.
Queensland Fruit Fly on an apple

This pest isn't limited to Queensland, and it can devastate commercial and backyard crops. Find out how to identify and manage them.