Planning relates to how land is used and developed, and how this affects an area's environment and liveability.


It's your responsibility to find out if you need a planning permit, and it will depend on how you want to use or develop your land. Learn more.
Get all the information you need from each stage of the Darebin planning permit application process, from new applications to appealing a decision.
Get help with advertised applications and our planning register, or support or object to an application.
Applicants and objectors have the right to appeal planning decisions. Learn more about the appeal process.
Planning regulations and the Darebin Planning Scheme aim to protect our urban character and environment. Find out about compliance in Darebin.
The Darebin Planning Scheme outlines how we can use and develop land, and our strategic planning aims to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.
It's essential that our buildings and environment are sustainable and liveable. Learn about the elements of our Design Excellence strategy.
Environmentally sustainable development considers environmental and social impacts from the design stage through to construction and operation.
Video - Planning Permit

Explains when a planning permit is required and includes a step-by-step guide to applying for a planning permit.

Outlines what documents need to be submitted with the permit application. Explains how the notification and objection processes work, what is considered during the assessment process, and how to lodge an appeal.