Planning relates to how land is used and developed, and how this affects an area's environment and liveability.

Planning step 1 gather information

Do you want to apply for a planning permit? Learn about the process, from preparing and lodging your application, to how we make our decisions.
It's your responsibility to find out if you need a planning permit, and it will depend on how you want to use or develop your land.
Here are some common terms that you're likely to come across during the Darebin planning process.
Find out about planning zones, such as residential, industrial or business zones, as well as features like flood risks or heritage.
The Darebin Planning Scheme outlines how we can use and develop land, and our strategic planning aims to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.
Planning permit applications vary for different types of buildings and developments. Learn more about key types of applications.
We have a Priority Development Program for planning applications that deliver community benefit, employment and critical infrastructure.
VicSmart aims to fast-track the planning permit application process so you can get a quick decision. Learn about VicSmart applications in Darebin.
There are several factors that decide how much you need to pay for your planning permit. Learn about planning permit fees in Darebin.
Do you have a question about planning in Darebin? Get answers to common planning questions.

Planning step 2 Prepare your plans

Preparation is essential when you're applying for a planning permit. We have some great advice on how to prepare your planning permit in Darebin.
Environmentally sustainable development considers environmental and social impacts from the design stage through to construction and operation.
The size of your development determines whether you need an Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) report with your planning application.
It's essential that our buildings and environment are sustainable and liveable. Learn about the elements of our Design Excellence strategy.

Planning step 3 pre-application meetings

If you need advice before lodging a planning permit application, you can book a pre-application meeting with our planning staff.
There are several factors that decide how much you need to pay for your planning permit. Learn about planning permit fees in Darebin.
Do you have a question about planning in Darebin? Get answers to common planning questions.

Planning step 4 permit application

House plans for 3 girls, 3 boys, parents, dog and housekeeper
Find out how to apply to Darebin for a planning permit.
Find out how to change an undecided planning application in Darebin.
You can track the status of your planning permit applications online via the Planning Register.
If you need our consent in relation to a Darebin Planning Scheme requirement, you'll need to complete an Application for satisfaction matters form.
Have you submitted a permit application but need to make a change or ask for more time? Find out about your options for existing permits.

Your approved Darebin planning permit may require you to submit plans or reports for endorsement before starting the development or use.

If you need longer to start or finish your development, you can apply for an extension of time. Learn how Darebin may respond to your application.
Do you want to change the approved conditions in your planning permit? If so, you must submit an amendment to a planning permit. Learn more.
If you want to make minor changes to approved plans, you must apply for secondary consent. Learn what's appropriate for secondary consent in Darebin.

Planning step 5 receiving a request for further information

If we need to know more about your planning permit application, we'll send you a request for further information (RFI). Find out what this means.

Planning step 6 feedback and assessment

We may advertise planning permit applications so affected people can comment before our final decision. Find out about our advertising process.
Get help with advertised applications and our planning register, or support or object to an application.
Find out about planning permit objections in Darebin, from viewing other objections to lodging your own objection.

Planning step 7 decisions and outcomes

There are three types of decisions we can make for planning permit applications. Learn more.

Planning step 8 outcome appeals, amendments and extensions

Applicants and objectors have the right to appeal planning decisions. Learn more about the appeal process.
Find out about planning compliance in Darebin.
Do you think someone is acting without a permit, or perhaps not complying with an approved permit? You have the right to report breaches to us.
If we find a planning breach and think you're unlikely to voluntarily fix things in a satisfactory time, we'll start our enforcement process.
Our planning officers can conduct inspections to assess planning permits. We may also visit sites to investigate suspected planning breaches.
Have you received a planning infringement notice from Darebin? You have the choice of either paying the fine or appealing our decision.

Planning forms and links

filling out application form
Get where you need to go quickly with our forms and links to planning applications and more.