Planning scheme and strategic planning

The Darebin Planning Scheme outlines how we can use and develop land, and our strategic planning aims to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.


The Darebin Planning Scheme includes the policies and controls for land use and development in Darebin.
Our strategies and plans respond to changes in the community and aim to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.
Here's a list of recently approved amendments to the Darebin Planning Scheme.

Current projects and planning scheme amendments

Information about the proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C191dare for a permanent heritage overlay for Thornbury Park Estate .
Information about the proposed interim heritage overlay (Amendment C197dare) for Thornbury Park Estate.
Details in relation to reviewing and updating the planning controls for the Preston Market Precinct.
Information about the proposed amendment to implement the Fairfield Village built form guidelines.
Information about the proposed changes to the open space levy.
Information about the proposed new planning controls for the Heidelberg Road Corridor.
The proposed Planning Scheme Amendment to apply a permanent heritage overlay to seven heritage places along the Heidelberg Road corridor.