Reservoir and Coburg

Diversity is the foundation of Reservoir and Coburg, sporting iconic businesses and an old-world charm with a history of old and new residents.

Reservoir is 12km north of Melbourne's Central Business District and in 2022, had a population of approximately 52,000.

Edwardes Street and Broadway contain many well established and iconic businesses, providing great old fashioned customer service and an old-world charm. Diversity is the foundation of Reservoir.

Post World War II saw Reservoir’s population boom attracting new Italian and Greek migrants. Over the years, its diversity has grown to include new Lebanese, Macedonian, Indian and Chinese residents.

Coburg is 8km north of the CBD and at the in 2022 had a population of approximately 27,000. Coburg is within two local government areas - the City of Darebin and the City of Merri-bek. Some of the residential properties on Coburg's eastern boundary are part of the City of Darebin.

What's happening in Reservoir and Coburg?

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  • Reservoir Streetscape Master Plan - This masterplan will guide improvements to the Edwardes Street and Broadway streetscapes over a 10 year period.

Getting around

Reservoir and Coburg are not very far from a train, tram or bus. Reservoir station is a hub for the major bus routes in the City, and two trams run through Reservoir and Coburg.


Train: Reservoir Station, Regent Station and Ruthven Station (South Morang Line)
Bike parking: Parkiteer bike cage at Reservoir Station
Tram: Route 86 & Route 11
Bus: Route 552, Route 553, Route 558, Route 555
Walking and Cycling: Darebin Creek Trail, Edwardes Lake Parking walking trails, Broadway, High Street Shared path, Cheddar Road shared path


Train: Fawkner Station, Merlynston Station and Batman Station (Upfield Line)
Tram: Route 11, Route 1, Route 8 & Route 55
Bus: Route 903, Route 513, Route 512, Route 526, Route 530, Route 531, Route 534, Route 561
Walking and Cycling: Upfield shared path, Merri Creek Trail, Harding Street, O'Hea Street

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Places of interest

Have you visited the top places of interest in Reservoir and Coburg? Edwardes Lake Park is one of the local favourites to have a picnic, pick up a delicious bite to eat along Edwardes Street, or play a game of netball at the Darebin Community Sports Stadium.

  1. Edwardes Lake Park
  2. Reservoir Leisure Centre
  3. Darebin Community Sports Stadium
  4. Edwardes Street Shopping Strip
  5. Broadway Shopping Strip
  6. Summerhill Shopping Centre
  7. Reservoir Neighbourhood House
  8. Coburg Drive-In Cinema
  9. Darebin Creek
  10. Reservoir Community and Learning Centre

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Reservoir and Coburg history

Robert Hoddle first surveyed the land which became the suburb of Reservoir in 1837. The name Reservoir came from the three water reservoirs first built in 1863. These reservoirs continue to form part of the fresh water to Melbourne’s inner and western suburbs.

  • The oldest hotel in northern Darebin, The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle (Rose Shamrock) opened its doors for the first time in 1854.
  • In 1864 the reservoir which would later provide inspiration for Reservoir was built on the Yan Yean pipeline which carried water into Melbourne.
  • The Fitzroy and Whittlesea Railway opened in 1884 and Reservoir Station was built. In 1904 the line was eventually linked directly to the city via Clifton Hill.
  • Kerryl Pottery was established by Allan James at 53 Banbury Road, Reservoir in 1956. The name "Kerryl" is named after his son, Kerry.

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