Living sustainably

Go plastic-free, make local food choices, buy green, and find resources such as our newsletter on living sustainably.


Carelessly discarded plastics including bottles end up in our creeks and waterways
We have resolved to eliminate single-use plastics, and we support local business to do the same.
Person holding a handful of olives

Take part in a more resilient food future with the Darebin Food Harvest Network.

Buying green is about choosing products and services that are less damaging to the environment.
Resources for schools on waterways, recycling, travel, gardening and efficiency.
A kookaburra on a branch
Providing advice to Council on issues affecting biodiversity, informing Council decision making in relation to policy, programs and services.
Plastic food containers filled with vegetables in a refrigerator
Food waste can harm your budget and the environment, but there are some practical ways to avoid it.