Planning step 1 gather information

Find out if you need a planning permit, and read an overview of the planning process.


Do you want to apply for a planning permit? Learn about the process, from preparing and lodging your application, to how we make our decisions.
It's your responsibility to find out if you need a planning permit, and it will depend on how you want to use or develop your land.
Here are some common terms that you're likely to come across during the Darebin planning process.
Find out about planning zones, such as residential, industrial or business zones, as well as features like flood risks or heritage.
The Darebin Planning Scheme outlines how we can use and develop land, and our strategic planning aims to make Darebin more liveable and attractive.
Planning permit applications vary for different types of buildings and developments. Learn more about key types of applications.
There are several factors that decide how much you need to pay for your planning permit. Learn about planning permit fees in Darebin.
Do you have a question about planning in Darebin? Get answers to common planning questions.