Planning fees

There are several factors that decide how much you need to pay for your planning permit. Learn about planning permit fees in Darebin.

How much is my fee?

There are several factors that decide the cost of your planning permit application. It really depends on what you're doing. Key factors that affect your fee include:

  • the type of permit (planning, subdivision, planning scheme amendment)
  • the cost of the development
  • the type of property (single dwelling, multi-dwelling)

Please make sure you check your application fees(PDF, 170KB) and pay the correct amount so we can process your application.

Metropolitan planning Levy

This is a government issued levy on planning applications with works that cost $1,207,000 or more.

To find out if you need to pay the metropolitan planning levy or to make a payment, please visit the State Revenue Office website.

If you need to pay a metropolitan planning levy, we can't accept your application unless you give us a copy of the levy certificate.

Pay your fee

Pay your planning fee online