Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles-dumped car

Abandoned vehicles can be impounded, especially if they're blocking a public road or reserve. If you spot one, please report it to us.

An Unregistered or Abandoned Vehicle (“ABV”) sticker may be placed on a vehicle, deemed by a Council authorised Officer, to be unregistered, abandoned or causing an obstruction on Council land.

The sticker advises the owner to remove the vehicle from public land, or the vehicle may be impounded.

Council has the statutory legislative power to impound unregistered, abandoned or obstructing vehicles including , items in the vehicle, subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989.

To ensure a safe community, environment and maintain the amenity and harmony of the Municipal district.

Do you have an ABV sticker on your vehicle?

An ABV sticker directs the vehicle owner to register or remove the vehicle from Council land. To avoid a vehicle being impounded, contact Council immediately.

Fees and Fines

Impoundment fee $360, plus daily storage fees apply.

Please Take Note: To reclaim an impounded vehicle and items, valid proof of photo identification and vehicle ownership details (VicRoads registration papers) are required by Council before the vehicle will be released.

A fine may also be imposed by Council to the owner of the vehicle.

Unclaimed Vehicles

If a vehicle and items are not reclaimed by the owner, Council may after 14 days sell, destroy or give away the vehicle and items.

Report abandoned vehicle

You'll be asked to identify the street as the first step in your request.

Report abandoned vehicle

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