Get active on climate

While the climate crisis may seem overwhelming, we can all take action and make a difference.

Climate Emergency – together we can make a difference

In Darebin we are already seeing more intense and frequent heatwaves, heavy rainfall and flooding, and experiencing the impacts of more extreme bushfires through smoke. These changes are the result of the build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere. This is largely due to our heavy reliance on burning fossil fuels (petrol, gas and coal) for energy use – especially for electricity generation and transport.

While the climate crisis can seem overwhelming, we have the solutions. Switching to clean, renewable energy is the key. All of us can take action in our homes, communities and workplaces to reduce our emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

Download our Taking Action in the Climate Emergency Together factsheet for some suggestions or check out these handy hints and links:

  1. Have conversations with your family, friends and colleagues. Conversations with people we know and trust are much more likely to have an impact than things we read or watch.
  2. Host a climate conversation.
  3. Learn about the climate emergency and solutions from independent media.
  4. Work with family, neighbours, friends and work colleagues to reduce your carbon emissions through sustainable living.
  5. Make your home as energy efficient as possible and purchase green power if you can.
  6. Reduce your car use and think about sustainable alternatives. The Darebin Travel Smart Map will help you plan your journey.
  7. Review your banking, insurance and superannuation to ensure they are not supporting fossil fuels.
  8. Join or support local climate action groups and access council grants and programs.
  9. Take care of yourself. Facing up to the climate emergency is hard work. If you need support, seek out a professional who works in this area via the Australian Psychological Society, and check out their great resources.
  10. Work with Council to bring the climate emergency message to the broader community
  11. Join our Sustainable Darebin Facebook group and sign up to our Sustainable Darebin monthly enewsletter.
  12. Ensure your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues know about our food waste, solar and other sustainability programs.
  13. Let us know how we can support you to have maximum impact! Contact us by emailing
  14. Get involved in environmental advocacy by writing a letter to your local MP and support our call for the Victorian and Federal Governments to also declare a climate emergency and achieve zero emissions by 2030 through policy reform that:
  • Achieves 100% renewable energy by 2030 and then quickly doubles renewable energy supply - to meet all Australia’s energy needs and foster new jobs and new industry.
  • Reforms planning laws and building standards to mandate that all new construction and major renovations and extensions on existing buildings deliver net zero emissions outcomes by 2023 including the removal of all mandated requirements to connect to gas.
  • Requires all products and packaging sold in Australia to be made from fully recycled materials by default.
  • Requires all roads and footpaths to be made with fully recycled materials.
  • Invests in the infrastructure to support the just transition to all electric cars, buses and trucks by 2025 and support local manufacturing of all types of road transport vehicles.

Federal Parliament

If you live in Darebin, contact the Federal Member for Cooper, Ged Kearney by emailing

State Parliament

If you’re south of Bell Street, then your State MP is Kat Theophanous, in Northcote, who can be emailed via

If you’re north of Bell Street and on the West side of Darebin Creek (Preston and Reservoir), you’re in Preston and your State MP is Robin Scott, who can be emailed via

If you’re east of the creek (Kingsbury or MacLeod) you’re in the Bundoora seat and your MP is Colin Brooks who can be emailed via

Outside Darebin

If you live outside Darebin, enter your postcode on the AEC site to find your MP and on the VEC site to find your state MP.

Join a local group in taking action against climate change. If you need more information please email

Introducing VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration
Darebin City Council is proud to announce it is one of 46 local governments to sign up to VECO